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Anita M. DeCarlo

decarlo_head_color_Anita M. DeCarlo follows in her father’s footsteps as President. Vito D. DeCarlo, served as President in 1970-1971 and organized the Ballo di Natale with past President, Anthony J. Fornelli. He also acted as the Trustee of the Scholarship Committee for years.

Anita received her Juris Doctorate from The John Marshall Law School, her Father’s alma mater. She began her career with her father at DeCarlo & DeCarlo. Later, they worked together at Cullen, Haskins, Nicholson & Menchetti. They worked together at Vasilatos Law until his death in January 2012.

Anita began volunteering with the Justinian Society of Lawyers as a law student in 1995 and served as Co-President of the John Marshall chapter. She worked with many past Presidents on the membership, ad book committees and anything else that was asked of her.

Anita M. DeCarlo represents injured workers in Workers’ Compensation cases. She was elected to the Board for Governors of the Illinois State Bar Association (2006 – 2009). In 2008, she was named an Illinois Rising Star by Super Lawyers and received a Distinguished Service Award from The John Marshall Law School. She has lectured and published many articles in the area of Workers’ Compensation.


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